ScreenBeam Classroom Commander

Delivers classroom orchestration and wireless display for up to 50 Windows 10 student devices, without taxing your network or setting up servers.

Interactive learning thrives in the modern classroom.

ScreenBeam Classroom Commander combines wireless display with student device orchestration to improve lesson flow and collaboration. Teachers are untethered from the classroom display to create an agile learning environment. Now teachers can move freely and interact with students without interrupting instruction. Constructive feedback is made easy with support of Windows Ink and touch displays. Now teachers can annotate directly onto a student screen from the classroom display—even when student devices are not natively touch-enabled.

ScreenBeam 960 enterprise-grade wireless display receiver provides trouble-free wireless screen mirroring from Windows, Apple and Android devices.

Classroom Commander for Windows 10 Devices

  • Preview student screen before sharing on classroom display
  • Monitor student screens and active applications in real-time
  • Untether teachers from classroom projector or display
  • Collaborate wirelessly with wireless inking and touch display
  • Create flexible classrooms and eliminate “desks in a row” formation
  • Message privately to a single student or group
  • Launch browsers to designated URLs across individual, group or all devices
  • Command attention by blanking student screens and locking keyboards
  • Create a private in-room network for wireless connectivity
  • Provide a dedicated P2P connection between each device and display

Classroom Commander Tutorial

Watch this tutorial video and learn how Classroom Commander can be your hero for orchestrating student devices in a one-to-one Windows 10 classroom.

Classroom Agility With Proximity Control

Instructor mobility provides the means to monitor student reaction and understanding and identify issues quickly, and help off-task students refocus. With teacher permission, students show their work right from their desks or untether from the system and present live at the classroom display. And it’s all done quickly and easily, so teachers make the most of valuable instructional time.

Student Device Orchestration Made Easy

View student screens and active applications in real-time, or preview a student screen before sharing to ensure the content is appropriate for the class. Whether a single student is distracted, or the entire classroom needs to focus, teachers can blank an individual student or all screens instantly for “eyes up front.” Guided learning is made easier when teachers can drive URLs and apps across all student screens, and monitor student progress with the ability to private message single students or groups.

Interactive Learning Improves Student Performance

Provide constructive feedback by capturing and saving comments and questions on classroom touch display directly onto the presenting student screen—even when student device is not natively touch-enabled. Engage students by supplementing core curriculum with interactive online content and digital learning materials. Popular apps such as Skype in the Classroom, OneNote, FluidMath and LifeLiqe are easier to implement without the constraints of wires.


Empowering businesses and educators to achieve.

Technical Specifications

Devices Supported/Compatibility

Windows 10 (Pro/Edu/S) device with Miracast wireless display.

ScreenBeam 960 Specifications

Video H.264. Supports up to 1080p30 resolution
Audio LPCM. Stereo 2.0
A/V Interface HDMI | VGA Out | VGA In (pass-through) | 3.5mm Audio
Ethernet 10x100 RJ-45
Wireless P2P: 802.11ac Dual-Band 2x2 | CMS/Client: 802.11n Dual-Band 2x2
I/O Connector DC Power Jack | USB 2.0 Type-A
Power Input: 5V/2A | Consumption: < 5W


  • ScreenBeam 960 receiver
    With latest update to support Classroom Commander (9.24.x.x)
  • ScreenBeam Central Management System (CMS – included with the 960)
  • Display TV/Projector with available HDMI/VGA port
    Interactive display/projector with USB HID is required to support wireless touch/ink back
  • Microsoft Store (for Classroom Commander app on teacher and student devices)
  • Open Non-DFS 5GHz wireless channel (Optional)



Teacher Device
OS: Windows 10 Pro/Edu/S (64-Bit)
CPU: 4th Gen Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent/better
WiFi: 802.11AC Dual-Band 2x2
Memory: 4GB
HD Space: 150MB

Student Device
OS: Windows 10 Pro/Edu/S (64-Bit)
CPU: Intel Celeron N3010 or AMD equivalent/better
WiFi: 802.11AC Dual-Band 2x2
Memory: 2GB
HD Space: 150MB


Teacher Device
OS: Windows 10 Pro/Edu/S (64-Bit)
CPU: 4th Gen Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent/better
WiFi: Intel Dual-Band Wireless AC 726x (or better)
Memory: 8GB (or more)
HD Space: 300MB (or more)

Student Device
OS: Windows 10 Pro/Edu/S (64-Bit)
CPU: Intel Celeron N3060 or AMD equivalent/better
WiFi: Intel Dual-Band Wireless AC 726x (or better)
Memory: 4GB (or more)
HD Space: 300MB (or more)

¹ Required for auto-connect and student rostering

License Information

As part of our commitment to our education customers, Actiontec® has adopted a perpetual licensing model for ScreenBeam™ Classroom Commander software. The perpetual license allows our customers to use the licensed software indefinitely. For the first year, the perpetual license also entitles our customers to download all standard updates to the software, standard device firmware updates, and to receive technical support.

After the one-year period ends, customers may choose to remain with their last downloaded version or purchase annual renewals which entitles customers to standard updates, and support for an additional year.

Classroom Commander licenses are associated with compatible ScreenBeam wireless display devices, not individual users. Teacher and Student applications are free of charge, but may only be used with Classroom Commander enabled ScreenBeam devices.


  • Classroom Commander Student & Teacher apps are free and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store (UWP) or ScreenBeam website (MSI).
  • Licenses start on the date the first receiver is activated, or 90 days from issuance of the license key, whichever comes first.
  • Active licenses will be entitled to feature and maintenance updates for one year.
  • Receivers with expired Classroom Commander licenses will continue to support previously active features. However, new features, support and some platform updates will not be available.


  • A License Key will be provided upon purchase to activate the receiver(s) via email from
  • Be sure to specify the correct user email address for License Key delivery upon order.
  • For license and pricing details please contact your ScreenBeam Sales Rep or one of our Certified Elite Partners and mention Catalog #SBCC01L.


  • License Activation Utility
    • Suggested for manually activating a small number of units. This Windows application requires direct Miracast connection to the receiver.
    • Utility and instructions are available on in the Software section, or will be provided with License Key delivery email.
  • Central Management System (v2.6 or later)
    • Recommended for remotely activating a larger fleet of units or units that are already remotely managed.
    • Latest CMS software is available on or Zendesk CMS section.
    • Click here for CMS updates or

Classroom Commander demo mode supports 1 Teacher and 2 Student PCs.

  • License activation is not required to use Classroom Commander in demo mode.
  • Classroom Commander requires a ScreenBeam 960 Receiver with firmware v9.24.1.0 or higher.
  • Classroom Commander Student & Teacher apps are free and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store (UWP) or ScreenBeam website (MSI).
  • Demo mode is active for 90 days
  • Request a Trial
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